About Us

We are selling domains with grandfathered Standard Edition Google Apps account – the FREE version.

Google Apps is a service from Google providing customizable versions of it’s products under your own domain name. For example you can own email addresses such as [email protected] and access it through Gmail with all their great features.

Google Apps used to be free, anybody could register this service. However, Google stopped provide this service for free since 2012. Since then, you must pay $5 for a user per month, however, the Google Apps accounts registered before 2012 are still free of charge, Google promised the free account are and will always be free:


We just have a few domains that registered in Google Apps account before 2012. We don’t need such domains anymore, and we don’t want to waste such resources, so we are here to transfer these domains to whoever need it and may make a good use of the Google Apps account resources.

Google is one of the greatest companies in the world.  If possible, we suggest you buy the services from Google.

We know Wasting is a crime. So please make a nice use of it.



Good luck.


7 days 100% money back guarantee

So you have no risk, if you are not satisfied, you get your money back. No questions will be asked.